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Darren Day

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At No1 Boot Camp, we offer Intelligent Weight Loss, Fitness & Lifestyle Changing Programmes. We know results are important to you. So give us 6 weeks and we will re-shape your body and re-wire your mind. We will educate you in the way you eat and think about food, diet and exercise.
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Read fantastic stories from our boot campers about their amazing personal fitness and A1 weight loss results, not to mention the lifestyle changes that have underpinned these remarkable achievments. Most men and women attending our one week boot camps, can expect a minimum weight loss achievement of 5 - 14lbs, with our top result being an outstanding 19lbs. But this is just the beginnning for most bootcampers - the lifestyle changes they receive at No1 Boot Camp have helped them to continue their weight loss and fitness goals well beyond their depature from our fitness camps...

A young woman's amazing transformation in just 4 weeks...

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" I have and will always recommend
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has a goal, physical or mental. "

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be where I am today "

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Lost 8.4lbs at No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk!
Fiona, No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk December 2014

"I just wanted to let you know what a brilliant time I had at No1 Boot Camp. It was harder than I could ever have imagined. There were tears and laughs and I was supported encouraged and helped to be the best that I could be."

"The trainers were brilliant - so energetic and good fun!"

"I made the most wonderful friends and managed to lose lots of inches and 8.4lb in weight - in 1 week!"

"I took away a whole new way of eating and am keen to carry on with it in the future. Thank you"
Lost 9lbs in one week!
Ashdon, lost 9lbs in ONE week!

Ashdon at No1 boot Camp, Norfolk "My name is Ashdon, I am 15 and my mum agreed to let me go to No1 Boot Camp for one week. I was really worried and nervous. But when I got there I loved it!"

"Everyone included me in everything and were all really nice to me. There were so many people of all ages but I got on with everyone."

"The trainers were amazing and really encouraged me at every step of the way. And the food OMG - it was amazing! I was not ever hungry. The Chef Sarmado was sooooo nice to me. I just loved the food!"

"Thank you NO1BOOTCAMP, to everyone. I love my new slimmer body and I am coming back for 4 weeks in the summer holidays."
Jessica, No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk May 2014

Jessica before and after photos at No1 boot Camp, Norfolk "Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic week we had at No1 Boot Camp!"

"Bear, Serena and Spence were so much fun and the results were unbelievable!"

"I thought I would attach a photo of my before and now pictures as I'm looking a bit different nowadays! I could never have done it without the No1 Boot Camp inspiration and how fantastic the team are."
Lost 25lbs at No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk!
Lisa, No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk April / May 2014

Lisa at No1 boot Camp, Norfolk "I've had a brilliant time at No1 Boot Camp and it has been a life changing experience. I've lost 25 pounds and 2 dress sizes."

"It's very addictive and all the staff are lovely. The food is amazing and the trainers are brilliant. No 2 sessions are the same and they are great at motivating. It didn't matter what the English weather had in store for us it was still great fun. I always felt motivated and felt a great sense of belonging."

"I've learnt so much about health and nutrition which I can use when I'm away from camp. It was definitely one if not the hardest things I've ever done, but so worth it and so rewarding. The results make the hard work worth while."

"I would recommend No1 Boot Camp to anyone that wants to get fit, healthy or to lose weight. I will definitely be visiting No1 Boot Camp again, a great place."
Caroline & Jasmine, No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk May 2014

"A HUGE thank you to the wonderful team at No1 Boot Camp in Norfolk. Particular thanks go to the two brilliant instructors, Bear and Spence who made a terrific team and were hugely supportive and encouraging and all round great guys. Also thanks to Serena the manager, who was kindness itself and very warm and welcoming."

"I attended No1 Boot Camp with my daughter and with some trepidation but was quietly confident about my level of fitness, so what a shock it was to find I was the fat knacker at the back of the run!!"

"So thank you all so much for putting my daughter and I firmly on the right track and we are so motivated since attending. Can't wait to come back! Lots of Love Caroline and Jasmine xx"
Lost 31lbs with the help of No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk
Rebecca, Norfolk Boot Camp, January / March 2014

"I chose No.1 Boot Camp because a girl had signed up for a month stay and left 2 stone lighter. I read her testimonial and it was all I needed to know that I was making the right choice..."

"By the end of my first week, I had lost 10lbs and I was elated. My aching body got used to the workouts and each morning as the weeks passed I became fitter, stronger and healthier..."

"After my 7 weeks I returned home 2 stone 3lb lighter and with a total of 6 inches gone from just my waist line..."

"I would like to thank No.1 Boot Camp for giving me my life back and helping believe anything is possible."
Lusea, Ibiza Boot Camp, February 2014

"Before No1 Boot camp, I had never been to a bootcamp training retreat in Europe. I didn't know what to expect, I just knew I wanted to look hot and feel good and I wanted the results FAST! And that is exactly what I got! By the 2nd week, I was amazed how much my body has transformed and healed. My skin was glowing. I could feel my energy go up, my mind got sharper, my arms got toned, my abs got firmer and my legs were supporting me through hours of hiking (the scenery in Ibiza was ridiculously gorgeous!) and workouts."

"Kate is an amazing chef and Stu knows how to motivate his peeps to go to the next level. I felt I could just rely on the team and the result will come if I do the work! This is the best investment I have made to pamper myself in the last 10 years!"

"Totally recommend it! Lusea Lu from Taiwan"
Karoliina, Norfolk Boot Camp, January 2014

"I just wanted to thank EVERYONE for the absolutely brilliant week I had this past week. It was exactly what I needed at this point in my life - and really gives me tools to get the training back on track! So a huge, massive thank you!"

"Stuart and Bear were absolute legends - I cannot tell you how much you helped me during my stay - both mentally and physically! Thank you!"

"Jo - thank you for being an absolute star when I felt a bit panicked about certain health concerns :) You are amazing!!! And very funny!!"

"Ilias - your food is absolutely divine. And you are brilliant to talk to - thank you for all the tips you gave me - I have stocked up with Halloumi for the next year!!! Thank you! And looking forward for that cool book :)"

"Thank you to the lovely girl who was keeping the place tidy :) Hope your foot heals soon!"

"All the best, Karoliina"
Lost 30lbs with the help of No1 Boot Camp
Nadia, Norfolk Boot Camp, November / December 2013

"My whole life I have yo-yo dieted throughout and found my weight to be an up and down struggle. It's not until I hit thirty three when I said enough is enough! I came across No1 Boot Camp as it is the boot camp that offers a long stay."

"Every week I found myself getting fitter and less tired..."

"The trainers are amazing and will tailor your experience to suit your needs. They have heaps of military experience and know how to push each individual to the limit."

"As for the food, which was out of this world I might add, the variety is amazing and I loved the fact that all the food was fresh produce."

"By week five, I had lost 2 stone 2lbs and had gone from a dress size 16/18 to a 14!!!! No1 Boot Camp is a must especially when you need that kick start and motivation."
Kathryn, Norfolk Boot Camp, November 2013

"Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had at the Norfolk camp and pass on my best to everybody as I forgot to write in the book!"

"Jo is really lovely and Mark and Bear were the perfect good cop, bad cop combination. Mark's metafit was amazing!! Everybody loved it, even though it killed us."

"Anyway I had a great time and got some fab results - 6 inches from hips and 5 from my waist! Amazing! Only bad thing was that I had to go after a week."

"Will definately be back with my friends and family. Thanks again, such a great week! Kathryn"
Lost 4lbs with the help of No1 Boot Camp
Naomi, Norfolk Boot Camp, November 2013

"No1 Boot Camp has literally changed my whole mind set about myself..."

"I really enjoyed all the classes and training, as tough and it was both mentally and physically I was so happy to be doing something other than running endlessly on the treadmill."

"The trainers were really motivating and pushed you hard when they knew you could do more and backed off when they knew you were having a moment"

"The food was amazing and it felt really nice to not have to count all the calories as I knew what they we're giving us was really healthy..."

"I can't thank the team enough - It's been such a fun few weeks and I will definitely be back!

Jon, Norfolk Boot Camp, May 2013

"Just a short note to say thank you for a great stay last week (w/c 4th May) at the Norfolk Boot Camp"

"Damien and Ali were excellent and engaging trainers, the food was fantastic and all the other support from Treacle, Craig, Paula, etc was great."

"I left the camp absolutely shattered but significantly lighter. If I can find the time and after I've forgotten how tiring it is, I'll definitely do it again!"

"All the best, Jon"
Lloyd, Ibiza Boot Camp, 2013

"Thankyou once again for the great experience over the two weeks that I spent at the Villa in Ibiza. The food was second to none and probably the tastiest that I have had in memory, I think that is doubly punishing for the portion sizes, but I understand the why's and wherefores on what we get."

"Danny, many thanks for the creative fitness program that you produced for us for both weeks attended. It was both punishing, challenging and yet rewarding, in particular with the weight loss. My goal now is to slip below 90 Kg and maintain that through the physical and nutrition base that you have both developed for us"

"Will, if I manage to head back to Boot Camp, I think if time permits me with work commitments, then definitely yes I will and in all probability it would be Ibiza that I head for."

"Take care gents and many, many thanks once again for your commitment to the health and wellbeing of the attendees of No1 Boot Camp (second to none). Kind Regards, Lloyd"
Lost 6lbs & 9 inches with the help of No1 Boot Camp
Laura, Norfolk, February 2013

"I had an amazing time at No1 Boot Camp. Not only did I lose 6lbs and 9 inches over my body in one week, I learnt new exercises and lifestyle changes to use in my everyday life."

"The friendly staff and trainers push you to achieve past your limits. Even when it was snowing and cold outside. I completed the week feeling rewarded and surprisingly refreshed with a spring in my step!"

"A couple of weeks on, I am now in a healthy weight range and more motivated than ever to go and exercise! If you could bottle and sell the positive atmosphere and high spirits at camp, may I be your first customer!"

"If you are hesitant in booking, please book now - I wanted to stay for another week. Thank you No1 Boot Camp!"
Lost 10lbs with the help of No1 Boot Camp
Ashley, Norfolk, February 2013

"I wanted to write and say thank you for a wonderful week. I had great results this morning with 10 lbs (!) lost and a bunch of centimetres..."

"I had a great week and thank you all for pushing me hard to get these kind of results. Back in October, in my first week of bootcamp at Prestige, when I weighed about 20lbs more, I only lost 9lbs, so that's amazing!"

"You guys are great trainers and I cannot begin to tell you how life-changing it is to be in better health and shape. Besides the obvious benefits of being able to get men to do things for me (such as carry heavy boxes, do general math problems, and get the door), I can run so much faster now, I can lift so much more, and overall I feel so great."

"...the work you guys do does change people's lives. So thank you."
Sian Thomas, Norfolk, February 2013

"I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say what a great time I had in Norfolk last week at No1 Boot Camp. I'm sure you get a million & one emails saying how fabulous the trainers, food etc is - and they are, fabulous, but I just wanted to say that, having been to various boot camps, I do feel that you have an edge on many of the others because of the homely atmosphere - in particular, the lovely Paula."

"Paula seemed to basically be at our beck & call from the moment we arrived! She had an energy that I was quite surprised by, as she didn't seem to tire of the endless questions & niggles that each of us had. Never once did she seem put out by the requests for toothpaste, plasters, socks, bandages & shampoo. I found that quite amazing really - I think I would be driven mad."

"But really, more than that, was her warm spirit. Paula seemed to be there to really help us 'get through it' and make the most of our time. For me, it was only the 2nd time I'd left my 3 children - and to have someone there who seemed to be happy to chat & look at a few iphone photo's for 5 minutes made a HUGE difference to me."

"Anyway, 'nuff said! It's very unlike me to write an email after anything - but I felt quite strongly that I should this time! Thank you, for a truly life changing experience."
Lost 16lbs with the help of No1 Boot Camp
Mandy, Norfolk, January 2013

"Thank you so much for such an amazing experience!

"I've just got home and had to write to you. I stopped for a jacket at the shops. Just before Christmas I bought an 18 - today I'm in a 14. This spurred me on to try on other clothes to see if it was a one off and guess what? It's not! I'm a 14!!! So happy I could burst - literally! "

"Please say a massive thanks to Craig and Lee - they were truly amazing. Just what I needed."

"With today's weight loss I have actually dropped 16lbs in two weeks..."

"I hope all is well with you, Mandy xx"
Ruth, Norfolk, January 2013

"Lee & Craig thanks so much, you got the right balance between compassion & empathy when I honestly couldn't walk, to pushing me when you could see I was slacking ...Skilful."
"I haven't exercised for four months and now I can go home without any fear of the gym & with a no nonsense attitude toward exercise."
"Thanks for changing my mentality, will be back soon... lots of love Ruth"
Claire, Norfolk, January 2013

"What a life changing week! Thanks to all the team for providing a homely atmosphere in which to go through this tough experience."
"Paula thanks for being the group mum. Treacle thanks for making our lives less muddy..."
"Lee & Craig – what motivational trainers we couldn't have achieved our results without your tough love."
"Mick you have gone above & beyond the call of duty – I have loved earning more about food and the cooking lessons have been a highlight of the week and would really benefit other groups..."
"Thank you all so much...all the best!!! Claire"
Mandy, Norfolk, January 2013

"WOW a tough week which was amazing!! Craig, Lee, Paula & Mike were a great team. Craig & Lee what can I say... tough, fair, supportive and brought the best out in all of us."
"This week has taught me so much. Not just about exercise, diet & nutrition, but also about myself."
"Thank you for the most rewarding week of my life. Mandy"
Lisa, Norfolk, January 2013

"I have just returned my second visit to No1 Boot Camp and wanted to say thank you to you and all the lovely staff for an amazing time."
"I am fitter than I'd been in so so long, probably a teenager! I feel amazing, everyone at work keeps commenting about how well and fit I look."
"It has changed so much for me, and I wanted to say a big thanks and say what a great job Paula, Will, Craig, Al and the chefs did. Paula was particularly supportive, she always was there for me when I was down or need a bit of a spur on."
"I have made so many good friends now and I want to come back in Feb then April, so I am really looking forward to that. I have spread the word in the bank I work in, they love it and want to join up and my friends too. In fact I think I have about 10 people coming to the Regent's Park weekends. Thanks again, Lisa"
Anon, Norfolk, January 2013

"This was definitely the hardest but most rewarding week of my life! its been tough! but I am definitely coming back!"
"The trainers Al & Will were excellent but hard!!!! Paula was fantastic!!! see you soon!!!"
Lost 9lbs in 1 week!
Emma, Norfolk, January 2013

"Absolutely amazing week, Mick the chef is fab. Al & Will are brutal but I love them. Paula is the most amazing person I have ever met!
"I lost 9lb & I am incredibly happy!!!!"
"Love Em"
Jade, Norfolk, January 2013

"What a cracking start to 2013! No lie it's been another tough week but absolutely worth it."
"Mick the chef is passionate about his work, Will & Al push you to your outer limits & Paula is an awesome Manager..."
"Can't wait to come back ........Jade xx"
Jess, Norfolk, January 2013

"Mick the chef is fabulous – had a thoroughly enjoyable week despite the cold, wet & mud."
"Big thanks to Will & Al who were tough but fair, & Paula for just being there for anything!!"
"I will definitely be back!!!! Thanks everyone, Jess"
Imogen, Norfolk, January 2013

"I've had a great week - thanks so much ! I have been impressed by the whole place."
"Thanks to Paula for being so kind caring & lovely, Mick for the amazing food and Will & Al for being so kind encouraging & helpful."
"Thanks Treacle for all the cleaning – it really has made this place such a lovely environment!! Imogen xxx"
Lisa, Norfolk, January 2013

"AMAZING - I look so fit & lost tons!!! Thanks to everyone, especially Al & Will - you killed me but I needed it, Paula for being so supportive & kind and Treacle for finding cups in my room."
"Love to you all, Lisa xxxxxx"
Lost 34lbs in 8 weeks!
Laura, lost 34lbs in 8 weeks July-September 2012

Laura at No1 boot Camp, Norfolk "My journey wasn't just about the weight loss and fitness, but I really wanted to find myself again. Something I definately achieved whilst staying here."

"This would not have been achievable without the fantastic support, advice & guidance of the staff. Thank you to all the trainers, Will, Dave, Danny, Craig, Peds & James."

"The camp was able to offer extra support and nice girly chats with the wonderful Camp Managers, so I would like to say a special thank you to Leanna and Paula for being fab!"

"The food was amazing - thanks to Pete for providing the most amazing meals. I also think it is very important to understand why we are eating the correct foods here and how we can continue this healthy regime when we leave, so a big thank you to Drew the nutritionist and his excellent knowledge."

"I will definately be returning next summer, so this is not goodbye! Last but not least, thanks to Jez for the photos and the rides. Much love, Laura"
Lost 10lbs in 5 days!
Andrew lost 10lbs in 5 days, Norfolk, September 2012

"Dear Leanna, Dave, Martin, & Pete, Many thanks indeed for a great week in Norfolk these past few days - it was a tough experience but the results are certainly worth it"

"Still hasn't quite sunk in how much weight and inches I have lost. I know I was putting the work in, but really without your leadership, motivation, hospitality & great food it would never have happened"

"Best wishes to you all, I'm thinking seriously about coming back before long. Thanks again, Andrew"
Lost 7lbs in 3 days!
Jasmin lost 7lbs & 13 inches in 3 days, September 2012

"I came for a weekend (Sat to Tues) and I must admit the exercise was intense!!!! but the trainers are so brilliant at helping you push yourself"

"I lost 7lbs and 13 inches in 3 days!!!!! so very excited to come back"

"Leanna is a star, got me relaxed and settled. Great team work and support from everyone and the food is really fantastic!"

"I'll be back, tough though but the results are well worth it. Thank you, Jasmin"
Lost 8.2lbs in 4 days!
Anna M lost 8.2lbs in 4 days, Norfolk, August 2012

"Short and sweet stay but had a great time"

"All staff helpful and encouraging"

"Loved every meal the food was amazing! It's not easy but worth it. I will be back!"

"Thanks to everyone, Anna M"
Lost 3lbs in 2 days!
Gemma lost 3lbs in 2 days, Norfolk, August 2012

"Thanks you so much to you to you all for making these few days at No1 Boot Camp memorable"

"I lost an amazing 3lbs in just 2 days and I am truly amazed! I would recommend it to anyone and met a lot of new friends"

"Will + Dave = Hardcore, but they get the results so hats off"

"Food amazing - thanks Pete and Leanna – you're fab!"

"Thanks again all, love Gemma xxx"
Marie, No1 Boot Camp Weekend, Norfolk, August 2012

"Pete was an excellent Chef! Best food I've had EVER!"

"Leanna was very welcoming and the whole team works well together to make an excellent weekend"

"Thanks also to Dave and Will"
Lost 7lbs in 3 days!
Elizabeth lost 7lbs in 3 days, Norfolk, August 2012

"I had an excellent 3 days and lost 7lbs"

"The workouts were great and the food was amazing!"

"Perfect kick-start to a new routine. I would definitely come back and would recommend it to anyone."

"Thanks so much, Elizabeth"
Lost a combined 10lbs in 7 days!
Kerry and Pooj lost 10lbs in 7 days, Norfolk, August 2012

"We had an amazing few days and lost 10lbs between us"

"Fabulous motivational trainers, five star food and a great bunch of girls"

"Will recommend No1 Boot Camp to everyone and hope to come back soon"

"Lots of love and sweat from Kerry and Pooj"
Lost 6lbs in 3 days!
Hazel lost 6lbs in 3 days, Norfolk, August 2012

"Thanks so much for this very short visit! I can't believe that I lost 6lbs in only 2/3 days"

"Food was very tasty (thanks Pete) but couldn't of done it without the lovely Dave and Will"

"You only get out of it what you put in, so make sure you smile when Will makes you crawl through the mud because he will! Also the ‘ICE’ baths were a must"

"Leanna is very accomodating and will work around all your needs. She really made me feel at home. Love Hazel xx"
Lost 8.2lbs in 5 days!
Sophie-Leigh Adam lost 8.2lbs in 5 days, Norfolk, August 2012

"The most challenging week of my life, I'm so proud that I stuck it out, my views on training and nutrition have totally changed!"

"The staff at No1 Boot Camp were so welcoming, loving and supporting from start to finish!!"

"I just can't wait to get back here!"

"Lost 8.2lbs in 5 days (shocked and so so pleased), Sophie-Leigh Adam xxxx"
Anon, No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk, August 2012

"My week at bootcamp was a tough one but worth it!"

"Thank you to all the staff."

"Lost 10.9 inches in a week!"
Lost 6lbs in 5 days!
Natalie lost 6lbs in 5 days, No1 Boot Camp, August 2012

"Had an amazing week, a fantastic experience with so much to take away and carry on at home."

"This week would not be the same if it wasn't for the staff making us feel so supported but also hard and challenging when we needed it."

"Would definitly come back and recommend it to anyone!"

"Lost 6lbs in 5 days. Natalie xxx"
Krupa, No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk, August 2012

"My week at Bootcamp was a great experience, definitely recommend to anyone who lacks motivation."

"The trainers and all are absolutely brilliant and great at motivating you to give it your best."

"Thank you to all the trainers and staff, Krupa"
Lost 8.2lbs in 4 days!
Anna lost 8.2lbs in 4 days, No1 Boot Camp, August 2012

"Short and sweet stay, but I had a great time"

"All the staff were helpful and encouraging"

"Loved every meal, the food was amazing!"

"All staff lovely, food outstanding!"

"It's not easy but worth it. I will be back. Thanks to everyone, Anna"
Lost 15lbs in 1 week!
Ted Jackson, 40, No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk, August 2012

"The hardest week of my life so far!"

"The trainers were outstanding, harsh when they had to be and even sensitive at the night time"

"I love the no frills attitude, if we wanted pampering , we wouldn't be here!"

"All staff lovely, food outstanding!"

"I lost 15lb in one week, so I got my moneys worth - Thank you"
Lost 22lbs in 3 weeks!
Miguel, No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk, August 2012

"My 3 weeks have been some of the hardest weeks of my life, a lot of pain and suffering but I had the trainers and friends to help me get through it..."

"The staff here are really incredible, always there to help you through the tough times, Paula, Leanna, Will, Craig, Dave, Danny, James and Peds (staff) are all incredible people and I will hopefully have the chance to see you all again"

"I cant leave out the incredible chefs, without the incredible meals it would have been a lot harder!"

"Being here has definately been a life changing experience, thank you all very much!"

"Miguel, 19, SPAIN"
Kelly Rhodes, No1 Boot Camp Norfolk, August 2012

"Great motivational trainers, Dave, James and Peds and Leanna was always very receptive and happy to help."

"The food was also absolutely delicious (please get the recipes online soon)."

"Cannot fault the staff at all. The setting is beautiful. Thanks"
Lou Lewis, No1 Boot Camp Norfolk, August 2012

"Thank you all very much, it was an amazing experience. Thank you so much to the trainers, Dave, James & Chris for all you motivation, professionalism and knowledge."

"The food was amazing thanks Pete. The nutrition session was also very beneficial and motivational."

"The whole Bootcamp team have been great, Thank you!"
Lost 28lbs in 3 weeks!
Moe, No1 Boot Camp, Norfolk, July 2012

Moe in action at No1 boot Camp, Norfolk "To be honest, despite having spent a very tough and challenging three weeks, I enjoyed every single moment. This place is fantastic!!!!!"

"Meeting people, the staff, the programme, the trainers & staff are so amazing..."

"My prime goal used to be just losing weight, but after three weeks at bootcamp, I can say I have acheived much more than that, a great life experience."

"I love this place & I'll never forget it & I promise I'll be back. The great Dave, Craig, Super Danny, the amazing Paula & Leanna and of course Will, the coolest guy ever"

"Thank you so much, Moe xxx"
Anthony Cole-Johnson, No1 Boot Camp Marbella, June 2012

"I wanted to pass on my thanks for a superb Boot camp; by far the best I have been on."

"Fantastic venue – I think you massively under sell the gym! Wow!! And the outside assault course and kayaking which were both brilliant. Rooms were modern and comfy."

"The trainer – Dylan could not have been more helpful, encouraging and supportive. From getting in touch prior to arrival to taking us out to dinner on the final night. And the varied sessions – though I came to hate the hill, he and Mike took us through circuits that were amazing and I could not believe we got through them; but we did!"

"And of course the food was super!"
Lynne Nicol, No1 Boot Camp Norfolk, April 2012

"I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say how much I LOVED boot camp, you were all so friendly and welcoming."

"Danny and Dave were great at pushing me."

"I surprised myself at how I am actually fitter than I thought I was and how chuffed with the inch loss in such a short space of time!"
Lost 21.6lbs in 3 weeks!
Ellen Griffin lost 21.6lb in 3 weeks, Norfolk, April 2012

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being at No1 Boot Camp for the past three weeks. I have had such an amazing, and without sounding cliche - life-changing experience."

"Your staff really make it what it is and I can not speak highly enough of the trainers, especially JP and Dave who are such massive assets to the camp. It is because of them that I know I will return."

"Pete is such a wonderful chef and set such a beautiful high standard of food quality, when he was on holiday on my second week and was replaced by Calvin, you could definitely tell the difference!"

"Lastly, Paula the beautician is phenomenal. Her treatments are fantastic and the cottage is a great little sanctuary. I would encourage all guests to visit her."

"I have to say I was very sad to leave the boot camp, it had almost become like a second home. I'm pleased to say that not only have my fitness levels dramatically improved but I lost 21.6lbs in total and I am ever grateful to all those who helped me get there. Thank you!"
Kate Phillips, No1 Boot Camp Norfolk & Ibiza, 2011-12

"I discovered No1 Boot Camp midway through last year and have since become a bootcamp junkie - well, a No1 Boot Camp junkie! I have been to the Norfolk and Ibiza boot camps several times and have had a great time at both."

"The training is tough but fun and rewarding, the food is delicious and the locations are relaxing. I have also made some fantastic friends and met some truly inspirational people."

"Best of all, you can achieve fantastic fitness results quickly and return home feeling more refreshed and energised - as though you have been on holiday!"
Lost 11lbs in 7 days!
Keith Smith, No1 Boot Camp Norfolk, December 2011

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the 6 days in Norfolk. Firstly the trainers, Danny and Dave were brilliant, they pushed us very hard but also were aware of our limits."

"The food thanks to Pete the chef was absolutely top quality and delicious."

"I was also fortunate to have such a great group of people who all got along very well although all very different in many respects."

"The results spoke for themselves - I lost 11 lbs which was about average for our group which is pretty amazing."

"Finally, a big thank-you to Paula who kept us all smiling and Lynn who gave me a relaxing massage when I was at my most aching."
Brenda Murphy, No1 Boot Camp Norfolk, December 2011

"Bootcamp was fantastic thank you... I loved the little journal for recording the exercise and food."

"Dave is a fantastic trainer I really respect his knowledge and experience and how he keeps up to date with current training trends. Danny was an excellent instructor too and both were very professional."

"Food was fantastic and the chef suited all needs."

"Paula the beautician is a fantastic Role model for clients wanting to lose weight and get back into shape. She was inspirational and very accommodating to everyone making sure we were ok even though she was exhausted herself."

"Overall I really enjoyed the week and wished I could have stayed on..."
Lost 5lbs in 7 days!
Helen Rowe, No1 Boot Camp Norfolk, December 2011

"I wanted to thank you all for looking after me so well and for ensuring that the week far exceeded my expectations on every level. I can certainly say it was an extraordinary experience and I took away some great memories."

"...amazingly healthy, delicious and inventive recipes were a highlight during my stay."

"I was thrilled to lose 5 lbs, and best of all, 4” off my waist!"
Lost 12lbs in 7 days!
Kes, Classic Boot Camp, November 2011

Kes "A big ‘thank you’ to the No1 Boot Camp team. One week in Norfolk by the coast has made a dramatic difference to the way I present myself in business and social circles."

"My self-confidence, esteem and general well-being has improved greatly after just one week at No1 Boot Camp."

"The loss of 12lbs, 2 inches off my waist and the development of abdominal muscles is responsible for my gain in confidence but it was the staff / trainers and other guests motivational drives that opened my eyes to the possible results of intelligent hard physical exercise and disciplined healthy eating."

"Thank you – Kes"
Els De Sweemer, Ibiza Boot Camp, October 2011

"Signing up for Bootcamp was the best thing I've done for myself in years. After months on end sitting behind a desk and travelling a lot for work I needed to boost my fitness level."

"After one week of Bootcamp I ended up doubling all the results in the fitness test at the beginning of camp."

"The training level was intense but very well guided by our trainer that motivated us along the way."

"The food was delicious though healthy and the weather in Ibiza makes your pauses very pleasent."

"I left feeling stronger and healthier than ever!"
Lost 7lbs in 14 days!
Nick Ede, Ibiza Boot Camp, October 2011

"I went to No1 Boot Camp in Ibiza two weeks ago and had a fantastic experience. The food, location, trainers and exercises were all No1 and I lost over 7lbs and feel amazing. As soon as I arrived I knew the experience would be excellent from the start with Karen picking me up from the airport and taking me to the villa in Benirras."

"We exercised for over 10 hours a day but it never felt too over the top as the pool was always so inviting at the end of the day. I achieved things I have never done before. I hate the water – I swam 3 miles in the sea! I hate running – I ran for hours!"

"The food prepared with LOVE was delicious and nutritious and Karen explained the meals and how to make them at home etc..."

"All in all I had the best holiday of my life, I sweated, ate well, got a tan and lost weight all before the Xmas period! I feel so good and positive and can't wait to go again next year!"
Lost 5lbs in 6 days!
Naomi Bowman, Classic Camp Norfolk, September 2011

"I visited No1 Boot Camp for 5 days in September 2011 and had the most amazing time. I shared a room with three girls who ended up being a fantastic support and most importantly great fun!"

"I came to No1 Boot Camp already fairly fit through long distance cycling and running but had got stuck in a rut with my training and despite exercising regularly, I had gained around 7lbs within six months which was making me unhappy and also slowing me down!"

"I cannot believe how much fitter I became in 5 days at No1 Boot Camp - the trainers, JP and Stu were amazing and the workouts were always challenging and varied - I particularly enjoyed the interval training which has massively improved my running already."

"I also have to say that the food was incredible - I did not feel like I was eating diet food and honestly did not feel hungry - it is very high quality and full of flavour - thanks to our Chef Pete! I have bought a copy of the recipe book and this has been a great help in sticking to the diet now I am back in the real world."

"I left No1 Boot Camp feeling refreshed, revitalised, fitter and 5lbs lighter and I loved it so much that I am already thinking about my return visit - think I might even bring my husband along too!"
Lost 5lbs in 6 days!
Sarah Tawse, Classic Camp Norfolk, September 2011

"I just wanted to say that I had a fantastic time at the Norfolk camp..."

"I spent a week at the Norfolk camp with the intention of trying to lose the last half a stone of baby weight that I just couldn't shift after 2 years of trying! I was apprehensive about how tough the trainers would be but, I should not have been concerned. Dave and Stuart were firm but very fair and gave enough encouragement to make me push myself much harder."

"I also had great fun because the days were varied and the team tasks made the time go faster."

"The food at camp was also amazing. Pete is a genius with healthy food, we all agreed that we never felt really hungry but the flavours and the variety were fantastic!"

"All in all I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun working hard. I am already planning when I can go back for another week. I lost 5lb and 7 inches in just 6 days and best of all, I feel equipped and encouraged to keep up the good work now that I am back home. Thank you to everyone at bootcamp who made my experience such a positive one."
Lost 20lbs!
Shelina & son Shaffin Dhalla, No1 Classic Boot Camp,
Norfolk, August 2011

"I cannot thank you enough as a mother on how you have helped my son. Your dedicated staff not only helped him to lose weight, take control of his life but have made a big impact on his overall well being."

"He has done really well, not only did he loose 20lbs with you guys but he has lost another 6lbs."

"As for me, I have now lost a total of 21 lbs and wearing size 12 to 14 from size 18. When I came back from the boot camp I continued my classes at the gym and did 3 classes per day."

"I made some really good friends, recharged my batteries, improved my balance with yoga and walk and walk and walk. I always remember what Ricky said once you reach your destination, carry on an extra few minutes, stretch your limits and for me this was the best advice as I always under estimated my physical capabilities."
Gareth Davies, Classic Camp Norfolk, August 2011

"I went on the Classic Boot Camp for 1 week and loved it. The trainers, staff, chef are all simply incredible. I wanted to ‘bulk up’ so was put on extra food and protein shakes and I got results!"

"The whole camp has a really relaxed feel to it and you are made to feel welcome from the moment you arrive. You also are encouraged to work as a team so if you are on your own you soon adopt lots of new best friends"

"It's a great experience both physically and mentally. I missed it the moment I left!"

"I'd recommend anyone to the boot camp who wants to get results fast. You'll just have to get in there quick before I book myself on another week!"
Lost 21lbs in 3 & a half weeks!
Simone Clark, loses 21lbs in 3 & a half weeks, July 2011

"The trainers are exceptionally professional and they tailor to each individual as they all have their own goal."

"The food is delicious and you never go hungry, you have more energy then ever..."

"The results are incredible: I lost 21 lbs in 3 and a half weeks and over 15 inches, this was all through hard work, determination and outstanding support from all the staff at No1 Boot Camp."

"Mentally and physically I am a different person and the whole experience has been life changing."

"I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to anyone who has a goal for weight loss, fitness, muscle building or confidence levels!! I promise you, you will never look back!"
Lost over 7lbs in week!
Victoria Baker Smith, Ibiza Boot Camp, July 2011

"I chose No1 Boot Camp firstly because I wanted to get fitter and get away from the mundane being at home, no time for me, three children routine. In truth, I was a bit lost and unhappy."

"This place will stretch you and excel you, both physically and mentally. Most certainly, you will laugh and make good friends in the duration and leave with a fat big smile on your face."

"Trust me, you will feel fabulous, exhausted and at the same time exhilarated. Under the experienced team guidance, you will push the boundaries that the body can physically achieve and you will feel great!"

"The food is expertly managed by a leading team of talented chefs who have devised a nutritious and delicious well balanced menu."

"With huge thanks to Karen, Ricky, Ben and Kate for making me live, laugh and love. Best week of my life!"
Liz Upton, Ibiza Boot Camp, July 2011

"I am writing to thank you all at No.1 Boot Camp for the fantastic week in Ibiza from 23-30 July."

"Despite the hard work and aching muscles(!), I had a wonderful time on the boot camp..."

"Every single meal/snack prepared was delicious, fresh, and beautifully presented."

"All in all, I never expected to have such a great time at the boot camp. I knew that it would be worth it for the results, but I didn't expect to have so much fun, and I found the whole experience to be amazingly positive."

"I will definitely recommend it to friends, and in fact I have a group of motivated girlfriends who are keen to give it a try!"
Lost 35lbs in 3 visits!
Michael Gowie, loses 35lbs in 3 visits to June 2011

"Bootcamp for me was a wonderful experience. I lost 35lbs in 3 visits to your bootcamp between April 20ll to June 20ll."

"My body has never looked so good and toned and my fitness level has risen to a considerably higher level."

"I now feel confident, fit and it is all thanks to the wonderful team of trainers (Richie, Gee, Ricky Scotty and Dave) who were all superb and they were always there to encourage and help me to keep focussed."

"The yoga lessons were also very helpful for stretching and relaxing and the ice bath at the end of the day left me feeling refreshed."

"I would like to thank Pete the chef for cooking us tasty and nutritious meals. Finally a thanks to Kate who is a great house manager. I plan to book a further week long visit sometime in July."

"Thank you for a great time!"
Lizzie Murray, 27, drops a dress size in 1 week - June 2011

"Bootcamp changed my life in more ways than I could ever have imagined. In my first week I dropped a dress size and felt fitter and more motivated than I had ever felt!"

"6 weeks later I have spent nearly 4 of those weeks at camp because I love it so much! Each week is different and challenging. Each trainer that I meet brings something new to the table and teaches you ways to take bootcamp home with you."

"I was in a glamourous job but I hated it and it was making me unhealthy. During one of my weeks at Bootcamp I made the decision to change my career and choose something that I could use my new love of health and fitness... I came home, quit my job and enrolled in a course to become a personal trainer!"

"6 weeks after my first week at bootcamp and I'm unrecognisable in more ways than one - I'm fit, I'm healthy, I'm driven and I'm HAPPY!"

"I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at No1. Boot Camp who played a part in changing my life... I'll be back very soon!"
Lost 13lbs and 2% body fat!
Kerry loses 13lbs & 2% body fat - June 2011

"I had a great time at camp - 13lbs and 2% bodyfat lost, which I was absolutely ecstatic about! It genuinely has helped change my mindset when it comes to food, and helped me realise that my body can do loads more than my mind tries to make me think!!"

"...have started a new routine which includes a 1-2 mile walk with the dog prior to breakfast, and I've shaken up my existing gym routines."

"Food wise I'm following a similar diet to the one at camp, with a treat meal or item each Sunday (so long as I've earned it)! I've booked back in to camp for September, so hopefully by then I'll be lighter still, and much fitter and prepared to dive right in again!"

"Our trainers (Gee and Richie) were superb, I really couldn't have asked for better trainers. Both were brilliant at motivating us with a mix of motivation and tough love! Spot on with what I needed from fitness trainers. The food was brilliant..."
Lost 3.1kg lbs in 5 days!
Richard, age 43, loses 6.8lbs in 5 days - June 2011

"I went to No1 Bootcamp in Norfolk to discover my limits. Enjoyed every minute from the expert instruction to the great food - even the end of day ice baths which worked wonders."

"I discovered my capabilities were far higher than I had imagined before and learned a wide range of techniques to take home with me."

"Nutrition advice was the most practical I have ever heard. After five days of training I lost 3.1kg and another 1kg in the few days since I came home."

"More importantly I have new confidence to train harder and know I can make better food choices back in the real world."
Lost 9 lbs in 1 week!
Cheryl, age 30, loses 9lbs - Classic Camp, May 2011

"I was very nervous after booking a couple of weeks at the camp. I would highly recommend the camp to anyone that wishes to challenge themselves or fancies a different type of holiday."

"I lost 9lbs and have learnt alot in my week about myself, exercise and it has boosted my confidence."

"Our trainers Danny and Ben were fanastic they both helped me a great deal and got me through the week. They were both always there with words of encouragement and help. They really pushed me and got the best out of me I couldn't have asked for better trainers."

"I had not done any exercise properly for 18 months and now I am able to complete a 2 mile run."

"Our food throughout the week at camp was amazing thanks to Andy - It shows you that healthy does not have to be boring. After a hard day working the muscles, it was finished by a wonderful massage by Jane."
Lost almost 6 lbs in 1 week!
Cheryl, loses almost 6lbs in 1 week - Classic Camp, May 2011

"I just wanted to say a huge thank for you for allowing me to attend last weeks bootcamp in Norfolk."

"I had an amazing time and loved every single second of it!"

"The team were incredible - Aitch, Danny, Dave and Scotty and I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have done!"

"I lost almost 6 pounds and dropped a dress size so I am very happy!"
Geraldine O'Connor - Classic Camp, Norfolk, April 2011

"I cannot recommend this bootcamp more highly. I have just returned from my 4th boot camp in the last 2 years."

"Since my first visit to this camp, I have dropped 3 dress sizes and would encourage anyone who wants real lasting results and fitness improvement to sign up for it!"

"In addition, the professionalism and expertise of the staff is invaluable to making this programme work, combined with top class menus."

"They also make it a fun and friendly environment; I am already planning my next trip!"
Lost 30 lbs in 4 weeks!
Francesca, age 22, loses 30lbs in just 4 weeks!

"At twenty two years old, dress size 18 and weighing 15 stone, I knew I had to change to become happy again."

"The 4 weeks I spent at boot camp, did not just help me lose weight but made me more confident and comfortable within myself. I met some amazing characters and friends for life..."

"By week 4, I weighed in at 12 stone 12lbs, loosing 2 stones 2 pounds. Dress size 18 to a 14..."

"I cannot thank the trainers, chef and owners enough for getting me through it to reach my goal.

Lost 17 lbs
Neil Morris, Classic Boot Camp 2011

"Just to say thanks for a fantastic experience. I lost 17lbs and another 6 since I've been back and can't rate the camp highly enough - think I am a walking advert now!"

"Please pass my thanks and regards to Karen, Emma, Pete, Scotty & Dan too. The whole vibe of your camp is positivity and it has helped me survive..."

"You really have got a first class business there and you should be very proud."
Lost 16 lbs
Neil Moodie, Vogue Beauty, Ibiza Boot Camp 2011

"WOW, I seriously cannot believe I've lost 16lbs in 6 days, it's incredible. It's turned out also that I've lost the most weight out of the whole group."

"I've made some great new friends within a great life changing week. I'd do it all over again, and it's great to be on Ibiza in January where you just take in the beauty of the island."

"Finally, I also got labelled with the nickname 'The Biggest Loser' which, for the first time ever, was a compliment!"

Lost 6 lbs
Wendy Rowe, Vogue Beauty, Ibiza Boot Camp 2011

"What an amazing week. My body has never ever looked SO good, even my best friend who never holds back was amazed at the results. I've met some fantastic people and lost 6lbs to boot."

"This was the best way ever to start a year! My fitness level's increased, I have so much energy , and my spirits are flying high. I've already booked to do it again!"

"Everybody should try this at least once, I'm addicted!!"

Lost 18 lbs
Jessica, age 49, loses 18.7lbs in just one week!

"It wasn’t easy. In fact I would say that it was the hardest thing I have done in years, but the sense of empowerment I had by the end of the week made it all worthwhile."

"Having made the bold decision to join the camp, I was really dreading it, but by the end of the week I felt like a different person."

"If you want to challenge everything about your life, then I would thoroughly recommend you give the camp a go."

Lost 18 lbs
Dr Ameet, Classic Camp 2010, loses 18lbs in two weeks

"It has been a brilliant challenging and rewarding experience. Full compliments to the chef Pete, the food was outstanding! Scotty and Paul were brilliant as usual, Dave was missed (he was on my first week) and the house is great."

"I have made some fantastic friends and will take away some great memories. The whole experience has a family feel to it and I will definately recommend it to friends."

"Thank you No1 Boot Camp!"

Lost 15 lbs
Colin, age 60 from Lincolnshire loses 15lbs in one week!

"Do not expect you need correspondence from an old (60 year old) ex-member, but just a quick note to say how life changing the course was for me."

"Cannot start to tell you all the feel good feelings I now have with less weight, and the vast improvement in some of my ageism medical problems too.."

" lifestyle has changed for the better..."
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