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Coronavirus and Bookings

UPDATE: 22.03.2020 – We understand everyone’s concerns and are closely monitoring the situation and responding to the latest information. No1 Norfolk is currently shut until further notice.

Any clients who are either booked with us, or want to join us and worried about what will happen in the future, rest assured you will be able to re-book an alternative date – guaranteed.

To support those looking to boost their fitness, health and take the stress out of shopping and cooking, we are offering discounted plans on our Food Prep, delivering healthy meals to your door.

Please contact bookings@no1bootcamp.com for further details or call 01485 570 635


No1 Fitness Retreats UK & Europe

At No1, we’ve dedicated the past 12 years to establishing the very best fitness retreats. Welcoming people of all abilities and ages..

Our unique training programme works alongside our strategic nutrition plan to ensure we make a positive difference to people’s health and help them make long term positive changes.

Ibiza and Marrakesh offer the ultimate in fitness and wellness retreats, in luxury villas and sun drenched locations.


No1 Boot Camp - Fitness, Weight Loss & Wellness Retreats

If you are looking for weight management, fat loss or a complete body transformation, our Norfolk retreat is the most established residential weight loss & fitness retreat in the UK. For stays of 1 week to 3 months, whether you want to reset your metabolism or have clear weight loss goals to achieve, our Norfolk camp will support your personal weight loss journey.

No1 Norfolk has helped thousands of clients over the years achieve fitness. With new camps every Saturday, there’s never a bad time to join us.


No1 Wellness Retreats - Ibiza - Relax by the pool

With the new addition of wellness retreats, we really do have something to suit everyone’s preferences, abilities and most importantly, budgets. We believe health and wellness should be affordable for all with self care being a priority not a luxury. No1 retreats are the perfect opportunity to take the time to devote to your physical health, emotional well-being and work on lifestyle changes in a positive, sustainable way.

Our new Ibiza retreat, offers the ultimate wellness holiday for those stressed out emotionally and physically, looking for the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Which retreat is for me?

Whilst there are obvious differences between some of our retreats, such as location and the weather, our approach and philosophy are consistent throughout No1.

Our commitment to excellence underpins all we do. From the nutritious meals we serve, to your high skilled training team, or your dedicated service staff on hand to help, we understand your needs and most importantly how to achieve them.

Check out our individual retreat pages to find out what a typical day has in store and which one may be right for you. Plus take a sneak peek at our delicious food to fuel your workouts!










Whether you are looking for weight & fat loss boot camps, luxury fitness holidays, a kick start to health or a total body transformation, our elite team will mentor, coach and empower you to achieve your dreams. You will gain strength, achieve results and leave with a new sense of self-confidence to continue your health and fitness journey.

“ If you surrender to former Royal Marine Gee Leary and his formidable PT team,

one thing is certain – RESULTS ”

– Men’s Health Magazine