Leaders in fitness since 2008, NO1 has helped thousands of people achieve health, fitness and weight loss goals.

Our years of experience running residential boot camps across Europe, has enabled us to develop an effective, fun but most importantly results driven modern group training programme to support our clients whatever their needs.

We promise to deliver maximum results in minimum time.

At NO1, we consider all our campers family. Whilst you are with us, whether it be one week or ten, each and every client is treated equally, and with the utmost respect. We understand that you are unique individuals and look forward to hearing your story.

Our ethos is to educate, nurture and empower you to take control of your own well being and health. Our elite trainers are on hand to help you every step of the way whilst you are on camp, and prep you with strategies and tools to carry on your personal fitness journey.

During your time on camp, the NO1 team will support and educate you with group nutrition seminars and motivational talks to help you develop strategies for continuing your journey off camp. The trainers are skilled in ensuring there is a fantastic and supportive team spirit to keep you motivated each day you spend with us.

‘This is not about short-term weight loss – it’s about transforming your body at a cellular level.’



At NO1 we really are one big family… We spend a huge amount of time working closely together so we pick our team carefully!

We’ve put together some of the most experienced, qualified, thoughtful and inspiring instructors, managers, massage therapists and nutritional chefs, who take great pride in creating a life-changing experience for you. They’ll be with you every step of your journey towards total-body transformation, and do all they can to ensure you have fun and a laugh along the way as well.


Qualified across multiple fitness disciplines, our trainers have a vast knowledge of anatomy, nutrition, sports science and psychology, making them a powerful asset in attaining the fitness levels you never thought you could.

Understanding each camper is an individual working within a group, the trainers start the week by undertaking every clients full body composition analysis so they understand your own goals and how best to support and motivate you. Education, empowerment and your safety is at the core of what they do.

Gee - Chief Instructor



Chief Instructor across the camps, and the heart and soul of NO1, former Royal Marine Gee Leary is the ultimate instructor.

Chief Instructor across the camps, and the heart and soul of NO1, former Royal Marine Gee Leary is the ultimate instructor. An elite trainer who will push clients to their limits and help them unlock their full potential, Gee’s training philosophy is simple: you can do it if you set your mind to it. An inspirational mentor and motivator, Gee’s vast experience of effective training techniques combined with his passion of nutrition, and science based fat loss strategies, ensure results are delivered time and time again. His genuine love of the job, and his endless enthusiasm and commitment to clients, enables all on camp to build strength, get fit and burn fat whilst having fun. Under his watchful eye, his team empower campers to take control of their own health & fitness and his positive approach ensures you take charge of your training, not just on camp but for life. Gee’s love of music and unique dance moves are an extra bonus for campers!


Tom No1 Trainer


Nickname: Tom / Tommy 2 Scoops and Thomas when I am in trouble!

Background: Les Mills Qualified Personal Instructor and PT, Spin Instructor

3 Words to describe you: Motivated, Knowledgeable, Fun

Training Sound Track: Anything by AC DC

Fitness Tip: Eat clean 80% of the time, drink plenty of water and get 7-9 hours sleep

Motivational Quote: “To achieve anything worthwhile requires Strength, Vision, Hard Work & Determination. If you believe in yourself anything is possible”

Rory No1 Boot Camp Trainer


Name: Rory Brown

Background: I am a regulated nutrition and mindset coach, with a diploma level in Psychology and a level 4 Fitness trainer qualification. I specialise in helping individuals break free from the dieting culture, and restore their relationship with mind body and food.

After battling with binge eating disorder, restrictive eating and body dysmorphia for most of my early 20’s, it is my desire to create a positive change within the health and fitness industry, something I feel is inundated with so many ‘extremes’. From diets and food rules, to unqualified ‘gurus’ and influencers who are doing nothing more than affecting the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals.

Favourite Music: I am an absolute metal head!

Hobbies: Snowboarding, adventures with friends, wining and dining.

Favourite Quote: “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you think and smarter than you realise”

Andy No1 Trainer


Name: Andy (OD) O’Donnell

Background: After studying Sports and Physiology, Andy joined the Royal Navy in 2004. Qualified Physical Training Instructor teaching and mentoring recruits and delivering PD to the Submarine Service and Front Line Ships. Specialism and passion in Exercise Rehabilitation

Fitness Tip: Any Exercise is Good Exercise

Danny No1 Trainer


Name: Danny or “Dallas”

Background: Ex Royal Marine, 9 years Personal Training experience and Master Bootcamp Trainer with a genuine love and passion for helping people achieve their goals

Mantra: There are two sides to my training – Sympathetic and fun or no holds barred to push you through your limits – Your attitude and goals, so you decide which Danny you get!

Fitness Tip: Staying in your comfort zone achieves nothing

Workout Anthem: Def Leopard “Animal”

Nutrition Tip: Eggs are the Holy Grail

Likes: Fishing, motorbikes and pumping iron!

Kerry No1 Trainer


Background: Kerry joined the Royal Navy at just 16 and has dedicated her life to sports & fitness, helping others to achieve their goals and dreams. Having travelled the world with the Navy, Kerry left the forces and lucikly for NO1, joined the team supporting clients across our camps. A firm believer in healthy minds and bodies, Kerry thrives on building personal relationships with her teams and is always on hand to motivate and push clients to their limits and beyond.


Roberta No1 Boot Camp Brand & Marketing Director



Jenaed No1 Boot Camp Dietitian


Role: Registered Dietitian

Nickname: “J”

What music I like working out to? Commercial classics (sing alongs are the way)

Top Tips:
Balance is key & Knowledge is power.
‘Diet’ is not a word, it’s all about a lifestyle change.
You only have one body, make it function to its utmost potential.

Background: Grown up in South Africa, brought up in an active household, spending a lot of time outdoors and active, sparked an interest in health and fitness.

Sports Background: Playing elite level field hockey in Australia and South Africa , and recently (past 2 years) , competing in triathlon (Ironman series).


  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor in Sports Science
  • Medical Science Honours specialising in Nutrition and Dietetics

Iliesse No1 Head Chef



Chrissie No1 Booking Manager



Team 740x712 0010 Kate



Team 740x712 0009 Bunky & Abi




Have you got what it takes
to be a NO1 trainer?

Ideally you’ll need military experience and be a qualified PTI with several years experience. You must be hardworking, reliable, loyal with a good sense of humour and an appetite for life. Additional qualifications and expertise are always desirable; but we’re always on the lookout for trainers with that certain ‘X factor’. If you think you have got what it takes, we’d love to hear from you!