Multi-Week Programs

Multi-Week Programs

While it’s true everyone will have a slightly different experience at No1 Boot Camp, due to countless variables from genetics to willpower, we are and have always been a results-driven company offering maximum transformation for all.

Drawing our collective know-how from a diverse pool, our trainers and staff have learnt from the best in the business and can boast decades of hands-on in-the-trenches military, gym and personal training experience. We also make a point of staying abreast of the latest peer-reviewed medical research to back up our teaching methods.

Importantly, our approach to body analysis sets our business apart; nowhere else in the world can participants access a real-life laboratory to fine-tune and refine their fat-loss process, via the INBody body composition technology.

Ultimately, the longer you stay with us, the greater the transformation but we work to ensure all campers, regardless of background or fitness levels leave with visible results, feeling inspired and empowered to keep up the good work after camp. Here’s a breakdown of what each course can provide, from 1 through to 8 weeklong programs…

One Week

  • Weight loss
  • Sense of achievement and ability to set new challenges.
  • Detox – digital and liver detoxification
  • Body fat loss and inch loss
  • Improved fitness levels
  • Identification of habitual eating patterns, emotional responses and triggers and how to implement strategies to counter them.
  • The practical application of eating balanced meals, eating the meals we serve will offer you an understanding what portion control and macronutrient content looks like; this is an invaluable tool to almost anyone.
  • Improved lifestyle benefits and longevity of life! Happy and refocused lifestyles with a new sense of self-belief.
  • Exercise techniques improved and understanding of how to train safely and effectively whilst maximising on time within a busy schedule
  • Healthy body/healthy mind: refocused, energised… challenge equals change
  • Fun, excitement and beautiful location

Two Weeks plus 10% discount

  • A continued weight management and visceral level fat control including improved cardiovascular fitness.
  • Clients will develop all the above and work even closer with the trainers, the first week having become in-short a comprehensive 1-2-1 consultation and this week moving to higher outputs and efforts and further 1-2-1 assessments.
  • Improved knowledge and understanding of nutrition and how to scale macro and micronutrients more effectively.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Building a routine to take away from boot camp

Three Weeks plus 10% discount

  • 21-day new habit forming disciplines and the benefits surrounding exercise and nutrition, for healthier, more balanced lifestyle changes.
  • How to create new goals and then achieve them whatever they may be (climbing a mountain, kicking a football).
  • Specifics of the athlete are more avidly pursued, developed in many exercise variables, training types and nutrition.

Four Weeks plus 15% discount

  • One month, beginning the cellular level transformation with greatly improved metabolic rate increases.
  • Rebalancing of the body.
  • Sustainable changes of mind and body, feeling a new complete sense of self.

Eight Weeks plus 20% discount

  • Physical and mental life changes
  • Improved confidence and new zest for life
  • Comprehensive understanding of fitness and nutrition and how to ‘fuel’ the body to maintain moving forwards in the right direction: for long lasting results.
  • Complete understanding of how to self-manage weight, fitness and lifestyle needs, with the skills in hand to then implement permanently.
  • Nutritional, educational and interest periods with live time workshops.
  • Ability to contact and receive updates on training and nutrition within the No1 Boot Camp community of which they are now a part of.
  • Training and developing: coming back from injury or minimising future risks of injury and cardiovascular related illnesses