‘The food was out of this world… seriously Instagram-ready;
and I loved how fresh the produce was!’

Ashley James


We believe that lean muscle begins in the kitchen, so our food plans are created with optimal fat loss and muscle creation in mind.

Not all calories are created equal, and as such we don’t slavishly count calories, but instead offer a healthy balance of all macro and micro food groups to sustain energy, provide optimal nutritional value and boost exercise performance.

On arrival, during your body composition meeting with our team, we discuss your personal goals and look to support your own metabolic rate and promote recovery. Similarly our protein packages are tailored according to need – from beginners to established athletes – we have a range of options for those wanting to achieve fat loss, improved health, fitness, and overall body tone.

NO1 advocates a healthy balanced lifestyle. If you are hungry, you can’t perform which is totally against our ethos and detrimental to your goals. Across our camps, our chefs provide three delicious and nutrient dense main meals a day to fuel and energise your body and promote active recovery. Alongside this, additional superfood snacks are served between meals to nourish and sustain you throughout your fitness journey.


No1 Food Prep is a brand new company, formed on the principles of our approach to bringing perfectly balanced nutrition packages to all.

Over the years, our clients have been so satisfied with the meals served to them daily on camp, devised for maximum taste and optimum wellness, we were constantly asked how they could continue to receive them off camp. In response to demand, we launched our sister company, No1 Food Prep offering exceptional quality, perfectly balanced meals delivered to your home.

No1 Food Prep is designed to help you eat delicious food every day. Each meal offers maximum nutrition is designed for optimum health and delivers ultimate taste. No1 Food Prep want you to look forward to your meals rather than dread trawling round the supermarket aisles reading food labels. Each meal allows you to take control over your nutrition, safe in the knowledge that you are eating wholesome, organic ingredients and with transparency of your daily calorie intake.

All meals are all designed to be as clean as possible. Meaning they avoid sugars, refined carbohydrates and any “hidden” nasties or extra ingredients that interfere with optimal wellness. Food Prep meals are lovingly prepared and cooked in small batches, just as you would at home, using only ingredients and processes that we know you would approve of. They have packages to suit all tastes, needs and budgets or if you know what you like eating, you can put together your own meals.

See their delicious meal options here


For a lot of our clients, our camps offer the welcome chance to start afresh and do things differently breaking long term habits and adopting new approaches to nutrition and fitness. If over the years, like many people, you have tried every new fad diet in trend, or pursued endless quick fix approaches – you may have damaged your metabolism. Whilst adopting these approaches, you could have seen rapid weight loss results. However as you have probably realised by now, they are unlikely to have been sustainable and in most cases, ended up in inevitable weight gain and disappointment. If this is familiar then fear not. Whilst at NO1, our tried and tested programme will help reset your metabolism and enable you to leave our camps with a fresh start and coping strategies to continue your success at home.

‘Starting with a rainbow of the best seasonal and organic ingredients
will provide your skin and body with all it needs to correct itself and function at its best’

Wendy Rowe


Protein is the king of the macros with regards to fat & weight loss.

It also makes the difference between potentially losing muscle at the same time as body mass which is the opposite of our aim at NO1. We want to you to leave our camps, leaner and stronger with a plan to maintain your progress and continue your well earnt success at home. Key things you should know about protein with regards to training and weight management.

  • Protein forms the building blocks of muscles – it also helps preserve lean muscle mass
  • Eating protein signals the body to build muscle and repair it – when you eat a protein heavy meal or snack, the production of muscle protein speeds up.
  • Protein is highly satiating, meaning it will help you stay fuller longer – this happens by improved functioning of weight regulating hormones.
  • It helps control blood sugar and cravings. Pairing protein with carbohydrate-rich foods slows down the absorption of sugar from your stomach into your bloodstream, which may help keep your blood sugar from skyrocketing and ward off future cravings.
  • Long term studies have shown the benefits of protein on bone health – this is particularly important for women as they get older.

So how much do I need is the first question on our client’s minds.

Don’t worry, we’ll take the number crunching on for you, and work with you to establish your personal protein needs across your time with us. Obviously this depends on your personal body composition, gender and many other factors including your aims whilst on camp and beyond. We provide solutions for your personal needs and can tweak your plan accordingly, ensuring you get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.


On camp you will be learning on a daily basis how best to scale your nutrition once you leave, which is all part of the on-going education we offer. This starts on arrival where your trainer will discuss your body composition results with you (and again on departure), which will help you understand your own metabolism.

Once you’ve received the nutrition seminar, and understood why we advocate an ‘eat more to weigh less’ approach there’ll be no stopping you.

LEVEL 1: The ultimate all in one, this package features a full complement of macro and micronutrients designed for the intermediate to expert-level athlete. Helping the body attain peak performance, this package also promotes recovery during rest periods, working with the individual to hit their training goals both during the camp and at home for continued all-round sports

LEVEL 3: Level 3 is aimed at the beginner who has now begun to understand the importance of nutrition and exercise working in unison. Working to promote maintenance of skeletal muscle mass and continued fat loss, this package is a good entry-level option for those new to training with a focus on fat loss.

LEVEL 2: The Level 2 protein package will support the beginner to intermediate athlete looking to tone up, lose fat, and improve overall health and wellbeing. This specific formula works to increase the metabolic rate and promote recovery, making it a good mid-level protein package for those looking to improve their overall fitness profile.

LEVEL 4: Level 4 is No1 Boot Camp’s own bespoke eating plan and is the platform the camp works from to form the nutritional options available. Exclusive to us, this plan has proven its value with results achieved time and time again; and in fact many athletes will see results from this package alone.