Sophie Grace Holmes at No1 Algarve

Sophie Grace Holmes No1 Boot Camp Portugal 2018

“Well, where do I start? Words cannot describe No1 Boot Camp. I attended the camp in Portugal – it as was everything and more! It was just so much fun from the trainers, organisation, huge varied hardcore workouts, food and location – but if I look back, I don’t stop smiling, I have never felt more motivated, I have never felt so fit or enjoyed training with so much energy and passion and actually found myself smiling at the end of each workout – in fact I didn’t want to leave!

I have never felt stronger, happier or pushed my body so hard or been so challenged in the right way, even I exceeded my own expectations – I am impressed with what can be positively achieved for body and mind in such a short space of time with the right team – that is the key.

I couldn’t recommend it enough, not only to be surrounded by those who can help you achieve your goals for your body but to give you a whole new lifestyle, way of thinking, learning to really love the body you have for what it can do and be so excited for each day, each sweaty session – smiling through the burn. No better feeling that seeing your body do something it couldn’t or feeling on fire, its powerful – its refreshing, so much so, I am definitely going back!”

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